Switchboard Upgrade

MEF Electrics are licensed local electricians that are qualified to upgrade your outdated, older switchboard to ensure the continued electrical safety of your home or office. It is important to upgrade your switchboard for a few reasons.

    1. First, older switchboards may not be able to handle the increasing electrical demand of modern appliances. As a result, they can overload and cause damage to the electrical system or even start fires.

    2. Second, older switchboards may have outdated safety features such as fuses instead of circuit breakers and safety switches. This can be dangerous in case of an electrical fault or overload which may not be effectively dealt with by old, slow fuses.

    3. Thirdly, outdated switchboards may not be compliant with current safety standards, making it difficult to insure your property in case of damage.


By upgrading to a modern switchboard, you can ensure safe, reliable, and efficient electrical operation in your home or business, and avoid the potential hazards of an old, inadequate system.

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