Rental Property Electrical Safety Checks

Do you own a rental property in Victoria and need an electrical safety check conducted? An electrical safety check needs to be undertaken by a Registered Electrician who is licensed through Energy Safe Victoria, who has a REC number (ours is 28824) and public liability insurance. Many companies will act as the middle man between Rental Property owners and registered electricians, however if you work with MEF Electrics, you go direct to the Electrician you need.

We conduct Rental Property Safety Checks and can make small electrical repairs on the spot, if larger electrical upgrades are required, we will give you a detailed explanation of what is required to get your rental property up to code and discuss your options and provide you with a quote.

Rental Property Electrical Safety Checks with MEF

There are so many benefits to having MEF conduct your electrical safety check, here are just a few:

  • Insured and Registered Electrician
    For your electrical safety check to be valid you need documentation from a Registered Electrician with Public Liability Insurance. MEF are a registered A Grade Electrician licensed through Energy Safe Victoria, and we have public liability insurance covering any damage that could be caused to the property or other people (which we will do our very best to avoid causing!)

  • Electrical repairs provided
    Having a licensed electrician do your work means any small items can be sorted straight away and you can receive your compliance certificate or Electrical Installation audit report on the spot. Larger electrical repairs can be quoted on the spot, ideally, if you keep up to date with your checks, large repairs won’t be required often but a detailed discussion on what is happening with your property will be provided by our communicative and open electrician.

  • No middle man keeps your costs lower and gets rid of the fuss
    You want owning a rental property to be a wise investment, not a cumbersome issue, so cutting out the middle man will mean you deal directly with an Electrician from the start. We have long standing relationships with our customers and provide open, direct communication about their electrical options. We enjoy what we do and the people we work with so give us a call!


Talk to us about your Electrical Safety Checks

To get a quote on your rental property electrical safety checks, or discuss what’s involved, talk to Matt, our fully qualified and insured Electrician. You’ll discover how easy he makes the process.

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