Smoke Alarm Installations & Upgrades

Smoke alarms are installed in your home to save you and your families lives. We really hope it never gets to that, but it’s important to play it safe.

The position of your smoke alarms placement is important because if they are to do their job of alerting you to a fire, they need to do this early so that anyone sleeping inside the building has time to escape. Victorian Legislation guides our process here, and this is part of the knowledge we will bring to your job.

Having a licensed qualified electrician install or upgrade your smoke alarms will give you piece of mind for your property. Talk to us to get a free quote on installing or reviewing and upgrading your smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarm Installation by a qualified Electrician

There are so many benefits to having MEF install or upgrade the smoke alarms at your property, here are just a few:

  • Smoke Alarms Positioned Correctly
    If your smoke alarms are to work correctly, they need to positioned in a way that means they will be an early alert system to wake people sleeping in the house in case of fire, and give them enough time to escape. Our electrician knows where and how your smoke alarms should be setup to comply with Victorian Legislation
  • Victorian Legislation Requirements
    Our knowledgeable, qualified electrician will ensure that your property comply with electrical safety standards in Victoria.
  • Electrical Safety
    Electrical safety in and around your home is a matter of great importance. MEF provide electrical certificates for all applicable installations, so you can rest assured your installation has been done to code and the highest standards by our qualified electrician.

Victorian Smoke Alarm Legislation

As a licensed, qualified electrician we can help you comply with the Victorian Legislation that may apply to your property. In summary the legislation that might affect you is:

  • Smoke alarms must comply with the Australian Standard AS3786. The current standard is the AS3786:2014 standard.
  • Residential homes constructed, largely renovated or extended after 1 May 2014 must have interconnected, hard-wired smoke alarms with battery backup.
  • Residential homes constructed, largely renovated or extended between 1 August 1997 and 30 April 2014 must have hard-wired smoke alarms with battery backup.
  • Residential homes constructed prior to 1 August 1997 or that have had large renovations or extensions prior to 1 August 1997 may have battery powered smoke alarms.
  • It is the landlord / property owner’s responsibility to repair or replace non-functioning smoke alarms and to clean each smoke alarm annually and replace any batteries that require replacement.
  • Rooming houses, which are buildings where one or more rooms are available to rent and four or more people in total can occupy those rooms, must have hard-wired smoke alarms regardless of the date of construction.

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