Security & Sensor Lighting

Whether you’re concerned about the safety and security of your home or business premise, or you’re sick of switches and just want your lights to come on automatically when you need them, sensor lighting is for you!

Installing security, sensor lighting can significantly improve your safety and deter criminal activity! And sensors connected to lights inside your home are great tool for usability and ease of access (think, inside your bathroom when you need to pee in the middle of the night, or in your wardrobe so there’s no need to figure out where to put a switch). Whether you need a sensor light for security outside your home, or inside your home so you don’t have to fumble around looking for switches, our licensed electricians can help you out!

As qualified A Grade electricians, we can install state-of-the-art security and sensor lighting that are guaranteed to keep your property safe, secure and accessible

Security Lighting Installation with MEF

At an affordable price, install sensors and security lighting in positions that work for you and enjoy sensor lighting that illuminates the parts of your property needed. By placing sensors at access points to your property you can scare off unwanted nighttime visitors or better still, make sure you can see where you’re going if you get home late or are walking around in the dark!

As a licensed and experienced A Grade electrician we can also recommend technology to pair with your security and sensor lighting so contact us today to learn more about our security and sensor lighting installation!

Why have MEF Electrics install your security lighting and sensors?

There are many benefits of working with MEF Electrics to have your Sensors and Security Lights installed, here are just a few:

A Grade Electrician

Our electricians are fully qualified and have years of experience with the electrical code


Victorian Safety standards are rigorous and we know them well, safe electrical work is paramount


We pride ourselves on reliable and quality electrical services

On Time

We fulfill expectations by arriving on time, when we say we will

Clean & Tidy

We won't leave a mess and we respect your environment


Reasonably priced, safe and professional work, no hidden extras

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To get a quote on your security lighting, talk to Matt, our fully qualified Electrician. He’ll ask you questions about your requirements and if possible, give you a quote on the spot. You’ll discover how easy he makes the process!

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