Shed Wiring

A shed is a valuable addition to any property, providing additional storage or workspace. However, a shed can be limited without power. Having a licensed electrician install wiring in your shed offers numerous benefits:

  • First and foremost, it increases safety by ensuring that the electrical system is installed correctly and up to code.
  • It also provides convenience, allowing you to use lighting and power tools in your shed.
  • Having electricity in your shed increases its usability and potentially increases the value of your property.

By entrusting the job to a licensed electrician, you can be confident that the work is done safely and correctly. Don’t let your shed sit idle, contact a MEF Electrics, your licensed electrician today to enhance its potential and usability.

Commissioning a licensed electrician is the best course of action for installing electricity in your shed. An electrician has the qualifications to assess all requirements and select the appropriate materials. Utilising special tools, they will connect everything safely and conduct thorough tests to ensure your shed is wired up correctly and won’t be hazardous to your property. Our electricians adhere to all local laws and regulations governing permissions and inspections.

With a licensed electrician, you can be confident that the installation of electricity in your shed will be both safe and satisfactory. Don’t leave your safety to chance, enlist a licensed electrician for the job today.

Why have MEF Electrics wire your shed?

There are many benefits of working with MEF Electrics get your shed powered up and ready to go!

A Grade Electrician

Our electricians are fully qualified and have years of experience with the electrical code


Victorian Safety standards are rigorous and we know them well, safe electrical work is paramount


We pride ourselves on reliable and quality electrical services

On Time

We fulfill expectations by arriving on time, when we say we will

Clean & Tidy

We won't leave a mess and we respect your environment


Reasonably priced, safe and professional work, no hidden extras

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